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NGS Agri Ltd is a primary manufacturer of essential agricultural equipment such as automatic passage scrapers and cow mats. NGS Agri’s product range is based on forming partnerships with other High Class primary manufacturers. NGS Agri specialise in providing the dairy market with the most progressive solutions and services including automatic scraping systems, mattresses, alley, parlour, cubicle and slat, over ground slurry stores and tank roofs.

The NGS policy is:


                   HIGH QUALITY   

                   HIGH OUTPUT  

                   LOW MARGIN

NGS policy coupled with its strategic alliances; ensure that the end user is getting world class products at low prices. This formula has enabled NGS to grow over the past 20+ years and acquire a footprint that extends to all continents on the globe.

Our product range includes:

Waste Management

NGS Agri provide for all your Waste Management needs, including over ground slurry stores, water tanks and aeration systems. We also provide top of the range tank roof covering and installation services.

Mayo Flooring

When seeking the best quality cubicle and shed Flooring available on the market, you need look no further than NGS. We are experts in this area after 20 years of experience and development. Our flooring product range includes, Mayo Mattress, Original Mayo Mat, Alley Mats, Slat mats, and parlour mats.

Auto Hydraulic Scrapers

The NGS Agri Hydraulic Automatic Scraper guarantees the highest standards, in durability, safety and performance. The NGS Scraper has a leading feature in its simple controls and ease of use.